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Welcome to PotterLand a Imaginary land created by ValeriaPotter (the Awesome) most of this land will be Harry Potterish so I have to give credit to J.K.Rowling(Joanne Katherine Rowling) for her Fantastic, Wonderful, Comedic, Adventurous, Actiony, Cool, Romantic, Magical, and AWESOME book series! So yea, welcome and explore what Potterland Has for YOU and Me!!! and if by any chance J.K.Rowling reads this I want to say that she is soooooo AWESOME and deserves reconition and thank You for writing Harry Potter (the best thing EVER). OK, Now you can explore

A Awesome Magical Island In The SkyEdit

PotterLand is well that thing on top of this sentence and is that drawing somewhere over there! PotterLand is a floating Island near England and Scotland on top of Hogwarts. PotterLand is probably Harry Potter with Narnia(Ice Palace) and Eragon (3 AWESOME book series) I would put Percy Jackson but, it doesn't fit in at ALL. In Potterland we have Pigwarts, The Forbbiden Forest, Muggle Town, Ice Palace, Unamed lands(For all of its randomness we can't give it a name), Grand Desert of the South, Not so Grand Desert of the North, Upside-Down Place, Mystical Thing Land,Wizard Town, and the Artic Desert(which is right next to the Grand Desert of the South). It is FULL of awesome creatures like: Valerian Horntail, Hippogriff, Trestals, Other dragons, Evil Giant Teddy Bears, Giant Squid and Mermaids, Oh Yeah Penguins. You can Search these things when the site is done(not now)!!! Plz Do Not Edit!!!!!

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